OpenThread Daemon

OT RCP Architecture

OpenThread Daemon (OT Daemon) is an OpenThread POSIX build mode that runs OpenThread as a service. It uses a UNIX socket as input and output, to which clients can connect and communicate using the OpenThread CLI as a protocol.

OT Daemon is used in the Radio Co-Processor (RCP) design. It is included with OpenThread at /src/posix.


To build the OT Daemon binary, run the cmake-build script and use the OT_DAEMON switch with the POSIX build:

./script/cmake-build posix -DOT_DAEMON=ON


Once built, connect it to an OpenThread node.

Simulated node:

./build/posix/src/posix/ot-daemon 'spinel+hdlc+forkpty://output/simulation/bin/ot-rcp?forkpty-arg=1'

Real node located at /dev/ttyACM0:

./build/posix/src/posix/ot-daemon 'spinel+hdlc+uart:///dev/ttyACM0?uart-baudrate=115200'


While an instance of OT Daemon is running, use the built-in controller to manage the connected node:


This opens the OpenThread command line, which you can use as normal.

Alternatively, you can issue OpenThread CLI commands directly from the command line, using the ot-ctl binary:

sudo ot-ctl state


To learn more about how to use OT Daemon, see our Simulation Codelabs:

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