OT wpantund Architecture

wpantund is a user-space network interface driver/daemon that provides a native IPv6 network interface to a Network Co-Processor (NCP). It was written and developed by Nest Labs to better support Thread connectivity on Unix-like operating systems. It uses Spinel to communicate with an NCP.

wpantund is not included with OpenThread. For more information, see the wpantund GitHub repository.

SPI/HDLC adapter

spi-hdlc-adapter is a tool that presents an SPI interface as an HDLC-lite encoded asynchronous serial stream.

This tool is used to support hardware designs where the Linux host and OpenThread NCP are connected via SPI. The benefit of spi-hdlc-adapter is that wpantund can run unmodified as if it were communicating to the NCP through a standard serial connection.

spi-hdlc-adapter uses the SPI protocol outlined in Appendix A.2 of the Spinel Protocol Internet-Draft. For more information, see the README in the OpenThread GitHub repository.