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Raspberry Pi

OpenThread Border Router (OTBR) provides support for the Raspberry Pi 3B or newer (RPi) platform.

Hardware requirements:

  • External 5V AC adapter for power
  • A supported OpenThread platform for Thread network connectivity in an RCP design
  • A microSD card and microSD card reader ("SD card" in this guide)

Access the RPi with an external monitor (via HDMI) and keyboard (via USB), or connect a serial cable from the RPi to your computer and enable the serial console.

To use RPi with OTBR:

  1. Download and install the OS.
  2. Build and install OTBR.
  3. Set up a Wi-Fi access point.

Download and install the OS

The RPi does not include any on-board flash memory, and requires an SD card with a bootable image to operate.

  1. Download the Raspberry Pi OS Lite image to a local machine with a built-in or external SD card reader.
  2. Install the OS image on an SD card:
  3. Insert the SD card with the Raspberry OS image into the RPi.
  4. Boot the RPi to go through the OS installation.

For more detailed information on setup and configuration, see the Raspberry Pi documentation.

Build and install OTBR

See Build and Configuration for instructions on building and installing OTBR. This includes automatic setup of a Wi-Fi access point by Network Manager to connect the Thread network to the internet.

Set up a Wi-Fi access point

If automatic setup of the Wi-Fi access point by Network Manager is skipped, see Wi-Fi Access Point Setup for manual configuration instructions.