OT Commissioner CLI

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External commissioning is supported by the OT Commissioner CLI, available on the ot-commissioner GitHub repository. For instructions on how to build and install OT Commissioner, refer to OT Commissioner Build and Configuration.

Connect to the Border Router

  1. Open the Non-CCM configuration file located at /usr/local/etc/commissioner/non-ccm-config.json and change the PSKc to 198886f519a8fd7c981fee95d72f4ba7:

    "PSKc" : "198886f519a8fd7c981fee95d72f4ba7"
  2. Start the OT Commissioner CLI with the Non-CCM configuration:

    commissioner-cli /usr/local/etc/commissioner/non-ccm-config.json
  3. Connect to OTBR:

    start :: 49191
  4. Verify that the Commissioner is active:


Commission the Joiner

Once connected to the Border Router, OT Commissioner can commission the Joiner device.

  1. In OT Commissioner, enable Thread MeshCoP joiner for all Joiners with a password of J01NU5:

    joiner enableall meshcop J01NU5

  2. On the Joiner device, start the Joiner role with the password configured in OT Commissioner:

    ifconfig up
    joiner start J01NU5

  3. Wait a minute for the DTLS handshake to complete between the Commissioner and Joiner:

    Join success!

Join the Thread network

Next, on the Joiner device, join the Thread network and test network connectivity.