Telink Semiconductor

Telink Semiconductor

Founded in 2010, Telink Semiconductor is a fabless IC design company. Telink is dedicated to the development of highly integrated low-power radio frequency and mixed signal system chips for Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Its best-in-class R&D team, strategic technology partnerships, and global supply chain make Telink a premier producer of custom SoCs. Telink’s product portfolio is aimed at serving markets ranging from smart lighting to home automation to consumer electronics and currently includes 2.4GHz RF SoCs for Bluetooth®, Zigbee, HomeKit, 6LoWPAN/Thread, and 2.4GHz proprietary protocols.

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TLSR9 Series


The TLSR9 Series is the latest addition to Telink's family of high-performance, ultra-low-power, cost-optimized RF connectivity SoCs.

It supports standards and industrial alliance specifications including Bluetooth 5.2, Basic data rate(BR), Enhanced data rate (EDR), LE, indoor positioning and Bluetooth Mesh, Zigbee 3.0, HomeKit , 6LoWPAN, Thread and 2.4 GHz proprietary standard.

Additionally, it integrates a powerful 32-bit RISC-V MCU with a variety of powerful core features and peripheral blocks to provide a foundation for advanced IoT, hearable, and wearable devices. The TLSR9 includes multi-stage power management design allowing ultra-low power operation and making it the ideal candidate for power-sensitive applications.

The TLSR9's superior level of integration enables customers to optimise total system cost.

Telink TLSR9

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