Packet Sniffing Requirements

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To use Pyspinel, you'll need to meet the following hardware and software requirements.


  • A host machine to serve as an NCP and to run Pyspinel and Wireshark:

    • macOS — 64 bit OS X 10.6 or later
    • Linux
    • Windows — 10 or later
  • 1 OpenThread device flashed with an ot-ncp-ftd or ot-rcp build.

    • For an ot-ncp-ftd build, the LINK_RAW=1 build switch must be used.


  • Python 3 for running Pyspinel
  • Wireshark

    • 2.4.1 or newer for Thread protocol support
    • 3.0.6 or newer for extcap support. For more information on using the Wireshark extcap plugin with Pyspinel, refer to Install Pyspinel.