OpenThread released by Google is an open-source project. Use the following resources if you need help using, or contributing to, OpenThread.


Community forum

Use OpenThread Github Discussions to discuss OpenThread and ask questions. This is the best place to get direct feedback from the OpenThread team.

Bugs and feature requests

If you discover a code bug or have a request for an enhancement, please submit it to the Issue Tracker in each respective GitHub repository:

If you'd like to contribute to OpenThread Guides, Codelabs, or API Reference Topics, refer to CONTRIBUTING in the GitHub repo. You can also use the Send Feedback button found in the upper-right of every site page.


We would love for you to contribute to OpenThread and help make it even better than it is today! Contributing includes both documentation and code suggestions. See the Contribution Guidelines on GitHub for more information.

Documentation contributions

There are two types of OpenThread documentation:

  • GitHub — focuses on setup, how to build example platforms, how to use tools
  • — focuses on OpenThread news and features, use cases, guides, API reference

When contributing to the OpenThread GitHub repository directly, add documentation in the form of READMEs as part of your pull request. For example, if you port OpenThread to a new hardware platform, include a README explaining how to build OpenThread on that platform. A good example is the Qorvo GP712 platform addition.

If you would like to contribute to, please submit an issue to the Issue Tracker, explaining your proposed contribution. A member of the OpenThread team will work with you to get your content added to the site.

Examples of contributions would be an article about using OpenThread in manufacturing, or a vendor providing detailed deployment instructions for one of their platforms.

Note: All documentation contributions should follow the Google Developer Documentation Style Guide.


Featured products use OpenThread and support the core requirements of the Thread Specification. Examples of how product images are used are available at What products use OpenThread?.

If your product uses OpenThread and you want it to be included in our featured products, we'll need the following items:

  1. The product image should be rectangular, with a minimum resolution of 705x395. Larger images are acceptable as long as the ratio (1.78:1) is kept. Additionally, the background should be transparent. For example, this image meets our requirements:

    Example featured product image

  2. The description should focus solely on the product's functionality and be less than 140 characters otherwise it might be truncated in certain presentations.

  3. Provide the product name, an external product link, and whether it's Built on Thread / Certified.

For example:

  • Product name/title: Google Nest Hub Max
  • URL:
  • Description: Get help, connect with those who matter most, and control your connected home in one view.
  • Image: See the example product image above.

Supporters and Company Logos

Similar to product imagery, logos need a minimum resolution of 400x225. Bigger is okay but keep the same ratio of 1.78:1. The logo should ideally span the full horizontal width. Use the PNG format and ensure the background is transparent.

See the current Who supports OpenThread? for examples. Also, logos are resized and used on the OpenThread GitHub README.

OpenThread Brand Guidelines

OpenThread, released by Google, is an open-source implementation of Thread®. OPENTHREAD and THREAD are trademarks owned by the Thread Group. Google uses these marks under a license from the Thread Group.

We appreciate your use of the OpenThread software and kindly request that you follow the brand guidelines below.

  • Please use "OpenThread" and "Thread" as an adjective. Do not use "OpenThread" or "Thread" as a verb or a noun.
    • Correct: The OpenThread software
    • Incorrect: I need to implement OpenThread
    • Incorrect: The software threads together different implementations
  • Always use OpenThread as a unitary word.
  • Do not abbreviate or alter the OpenThread trademark in any way.
  • Capitalize the letters "O" and "T" in OpenThread, even if it appears mid-sentence.
  • If you're using the stylized version of the OpenThread trademark, please use the correct stylization (shown below). OpenThread Trademark
  • If you're using the OpenThread trademark, include a trademark attribution stating that "OPENTHREAD and related marks are trademarks of the Thread Group."

Marketing Assets

OpenThread logotypes are available for use in print or web materials.

Please only use the OpenThread name and marks when accurately referencing this software distribution. Do not use the marks in a way that suggests you are endorsed by or otherwise affiliated with Google, Google Nest, or The Thread Group.

Download OpenThread Logotypes