OpenThread Commissioner

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A Thread Commissioner connects to and manages a Thread network. A Thread network requires a Commissioner to commission new Joiner devices.

OT Commissioner Architecture

A Thread Commissioner minimally supports the following functions:

  • Connecting to a Thread network through a Thread Border Agent
  • Steering and commissioning new devices
  • Getting and setting Thread network datasets

OpenThread's implementation of a Thread Commissioner is called OpenThread Commissioner (OT Commissioner).

Get started

The quickest way to get started with OT Commissioner is to build it from the source:

  1. Get the source code from the OpenThread Commissioner GitHub repository
  2. Build and configure OT Commissioner

You can contribute to the ongoing development of OpenThread Commissioner by submitting bug reports and feature requests to the Issue Tracker.


OT Commissioner features include:

  • Implements both the Thread 1.1 and 1.2 Commissioner (with Commercial Extension)
  • Cross-platform (Linux, macOS, Android) Commissioner library
  • Interactive Commissioner CLI Tool (Linux, macOS)
  • Android App for Thread Commissioning