OpenThread Border Router Web GUI

Use the OpenThread Border Router (OTBR) Web GUI to configure and form, join, or check the status of a Thread network.

Access the Web GUI

If the OTBR is serving as a Wi-Fi access point, access the Web GUI by attaching to the OTBR access point and visiting the static wlan0 IPv4 address configured during that setup.

If the OTBR is not serving as a Wi-Fi access point:

  1. Make sure Network Address Translation is configured for OTBR.
  2. Access the Web GUI by visiting the OTBR's local IPv4 address in a browser window.

Join a Thread network

Use the Join menu option to scan for and join an existing Thread network.

Form a Thread network

Use the Form menu option to create a new Thread network.

  1. Replace all default values on the Form page—except for the On-Mesh Prefix—to ensure a secure Thread network.
  2. Select FORM.
  3. After the network forms, confirm by checking the Status menu option or running sudo wpanctl status on the command line of the OTBR:
    wpan0 => [
        "NCP:State" => "associated"
        "Daemon:Enabled" => true
        "NCP:Version" => "OPENTHREAD/g4ccc23a5-dirty; NRF52840; Sep 22 2017 10:44:07"
        "Daemon:Version" => "0.08.00d (/033c369; Sep 20 2017 21:06:17)"
        "Config:NCP:DriverName" => "spinel"
        "NCP:HardwareAddress" => [F872DF9CD5AE4DCE]
        "NCP:Channel" => 15
        "Network:NodeType" => "leader"
        "Network:Name" => "OpenThreadGuide"
        "Network:XPANID" => 0xDEAD1111DEAD2222
        "Network:PANID" => 0xDEAD
        "IPv6:LinkLocalAddress" => "fe80::287f:87ca:f4b3:498a"
        "IPv6:MeshLocalAddress" => "fdde:ad11:11de:0:74d0:6fc9:6be6:3582"
        "IPv6:MeshLocalPrefix" => "fdde:ad11:11de::/64"
        "com.nestlabs.internal:Network:AllowingJoin" => false
  4. Check the wpan0 interface for the global IPv6 address with the On-Mesh Prefix set during network formation:
    ifconfig wpan0
    wpan0: flags=4305<UP,POINTOPOINT,RUNNING,NOARP,MULTICAST>  mtu 1280
        inet6 fdde:ad11:11de:0:74d0:6fc9:6be6:3582  prefixlen 64  scopeid 0x0<global>
        inet6 fe80::287f:87ca:f4b3:498a  prefixlen 64  scopeid 0x20<link>
        inet6 fd11:22::287f:87ca:f4b3:498a  prefixlen 64  scopeid 0x0<global>
    The On-Mesh Prefix global address is used by child nodes to identify the Border Router that is responsible for forwarding traffic out of the network. The other addresses correspond to the Mesh-Local and Link-Local IPv6 addresses of the NCP node within the Thread network.

Check the Status

The Status menu option is the equivalent of the sudo wpanctl status command. It displays status information for the Border Router NCP node, along with the status of services like wpantund and mDNS.